Professional Window Cleaning Services in Mount Eliza

Living in a coastal community, your windows are subject to more than the usual accumulation of dirt and grime. You also have to contend with salt deposits that can make your seaside views appear hazy and blurry.

If you live on the Mornington peninsula, you can maintain your windows in sparkling condition by calling a professional window cleaning service. We provide a window washing service that is quick, easy and efficient.

Professionals Doing the Job Right

Our professional window washers know how to do the job right. We will remove any screens before cleaning the windows and then replace them after we have finished. We also clean your ledges and window frames and get into the corners to remove cobwebs and other debris.

We use the latest water fed pole systems to reach windows on the upper stories. Often we can do the entire job without the use of ladders. We also can clean any glass windbreaks or glass railings you might have.

Call Us Today to Make an Appointment

Whether you are a business or homeowner, you’ll be amazed what a considerable difference clean sparkling clean windows can make. We serve the entire Mount Eliza area and we always feature competitive rates.

So call us and make an appointment or set up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your windows will always be looking their best.