Professional Window Washing Services are offered in St. Andrews Beach

St. Andrews Beach is one of the most picturesque villages on the Mornington peninsula. But living by the sea with its salt-laden winds can mean that your windows are hazy and clouded by salt deposits that spoil your beautiful views of the coastline.

We can enhance your appreciation of the beauty of this area by providing a professional window washing service that restores the sharpness and clarity of your scenic views.

We service homes and businesses alike and make every window look like it was just installed.

Use a Professional Window Cleaning Service on a Regular Basis

Keep your windows looking spotless and free of salt deposits by making our window washing service a regular part of your home’s or businesses’ maintenance schedule.

We will remove all the screens, clean the windows and replace the screens when we have finished the job. We clean all around the window as well, washing the frames and ledges and even get down into the corners to remove cobwebs and debris that have accumulated.

We also use the latest in water fed pole systems to reach the upper-story windows, ensuring they are as clean as the ground-floor windows.

Call Us Today to Take Advantage of Our Services

Give us a call to make an appointment. We offer very competitive rates and will clean your windows quickly and efficiently to afford you with beautiful views once again.