Professional Window Cleaning in Cape Schank

Life in Cape Schank is picturesque, or at least it is if your windows are not covered by salt deposits from the ocean breezes. To keep your views as sharp and crystal clear as they can be, we offer our window cleaning services for home or commercial properties.

We can have your windows looking as grime and salt free as they were the day they were installed, ensuring you of pristine vistas of Cape Schank.

Fast and Efficient Window Cleaning

Our company of window washers uses the latest developments in window washing technology to provide a fast and efficient service. We will remove all your screens from the windows, clean them and clean the sills and window frames before replacing your screens. We also clean out the cobwebs and debris from the corners of windows.

Our equipment also enables us to easily clean second and third story windows, often without the necessity of ladders.

Our insured window washing team also cleans glass railing panels and windbreaks. We will make short work of any exterior glass structures on your property.

Call Us Today

To make an appointment, just give us a call. We serve the entire Mornington Peninsula as well as the town and surrounding area of Cape Schank.